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LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

LVX Baja Mexico

LVX-Evolution Kite Boarding
La Ventana
Kiteboarding School

Our kite school is located at the La Ventana Beach Resort,
open 7 days a week from October through April.

Wind patterns in La Ventana: From Mid October - April - Perfect Side Shore wind conditions, mainly from the North East averageing 20 miles/hour. In May or June there can be a shift with a South Easterly flow developng, with the wind strength around 10mph on average, these trade winds usually last until the end of August.

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

Our Kite Boarding lessons include, All Kiteboarding Equipment, top of the line Liquid Force gear, plus
BB talking 2 way Radio Helmet Communication,
Plus the option for water craft assisted lessons.

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

Choose your La Ventana kite boarding instruction on a hourly basis or
Opt for the ~ LVX-Evolution Adrenalin ~ or LVX-Evolution RIDE
Kite Boarding Lesson Programs

Our Rates range from 85 USD for the basic package to 125 usd per hour for Water Craft Assisted Sessions. Min 2 hours.

Please contact us for specific rates

Delivering important kiteboarding safety techniques to you has high priority on our kite school check list.

Private - 1 on 1 - Instructor with one client, is the most productive, effective, and fastest way to learn and progress, and therefore, this is all we have chosen to offer.
Some people think taking a team up option, 1 Instructor with 2 students is a cheaper way to go... but not in the long run and it will also compromise your learning curb.
In regards to client attention and safety a kiteboarding instructor can and only should be with one student, once they enter the water.
In the event you choose a team up option with another school, you will only be receiving half the lesson time, to work on your kite flying and board skills, and while your partner will be on the water, you will be sitting, waiting for your turn!
This also can comprimise one of you from getting the best wind conditions available for that day, and this will also affect your learning curb, or one of you simply just might miss out, since the wind can shut down earlier some days!
Staying on it for a consecutive average of 2 hours will also greatly enhance your kiteboarding experience and skill set.
Plus the faster you learn the sooner you will be kiting on your own, or your vacation time may be limited and you will not be able to complete your kiteboarding mission, since it will be taking twice as long!
We are committed to giving you the safest, best and fastest lesson program, since we want to see you out there enjoing the ride asap!

Below is a sample of packages we offer but we are ready to tailor our kite school services to your specific desire!

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

LVX-Evolution Adrenalin

>> - 3 Days of Private Instruction ~ 2 hours per day - Total 6 hours

>>>>>> - Kite Control to Water Start and Elementary Riding Techniqes

Kiteboarding Lessons and Instructionm, LVX Baja Mexico, la ventana kiteboarding, la ventana kitesurfing, la ventana kiteboarding school

Environmental Assesment - Equipment Check - Rigging & Safety Systems - Main Release - Kite Control - Explanation of the Wind Window - Power Stroke - Once you show sufficient control we then move on to the Self Rescue practice on the beach - Then its time to hit the water! - with Assisted Body Drags - Solo Body Drags Downwind and Upwind - Complete the self rescue in the water - - Assisted Launch & Land - Self Land with main safety - Water Start and Board/Riding Techniques

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

LVX-Evolution RIDE

>>> - 4 Days Private Instruction ~ 2.5 hours per day ~ Total 10 hours ~ Guaranteed to get you Riding

>>>>>> - Complete your Mission - Enjoy the Ride and become an Independant Self-Sufficient Kiteboarder

Kiteboarding Session RIDE, LVX Baja Mexico, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, la ventana kiteboarding, la ventana kitesurfing, la ventana kiteboarding school, baja, mexico, baja mexico kiteboarding

The LVX-Evolution - RIDE Program Includes All Instruction Topics listed above, in the Adrenalin Session - Plus Fine Tuning Upwind Riding Techniques Board Skills and Transitions.

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

LVX-Evolution Kiteboarding Sessions by the Hour

You can also opt to go hour by hour on a flexible programm, our minimum lesson time is 2 hours, per session.

The hourly plan is offered to any level weather you are starting at ground zero or interested in enhancing their current skill-set From reviewing safety techniques to up-wind riding skiils, transitions, air techniques, kite loops and more!

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

All Programs require payment in advance. REFUNDS: In the event we cannot complete our program due to lack of wind, to much wind, a glitch in our sytems, you will receive a FULL REFUND on the hours not completed.

>>>> - RATES & MORE INFO - Please Contact US

Or visit us at the LA VENTANA BEACH RESORT right next to Baja Joes.

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

Gen Info & Fine Print
La Ventana Xperience-Evolution Kiteboarding School Baja Mexico

LVX-Evolution Kite Sessions Include: All necessary equipment, 2 way Radio BB talking radio helmets, and Water Craft Assisted on request.
PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN 3/2 WET SUIT. We do supply some sizes, but a perfect fit feels best!

Our instructional wind range is from 10 to 25 knots. On average our sessions happen between 11am and 5pm.

Once you arrive at our kiteschool base you will be asked to fill out a registration form and sign a release of liability form.

Payment Options for your Kite Sessions
Payment accepted Bank Transfer, VISA and MC, or cash.
We accept MXN Pesos and USD. The MXN Peso amount is determined at the current exchange rate for USD.
A 16% IVA tax is applicable to all payments.
Booking your Kite session indvance requires a 25% deposit with full payment on arrival prior to sessions.

~ LVX-Evolution Cancellation Policies ~ Multi day sessions are planned to be completed in succession consecutively on a daily basis.
Time of the start of your session depends on the wind ~ we will contact you an hour in advance.
Any sessions missed if your responsibility, may be non refundable based on our discretion.
Should we not be able to complete your session plan due to the wind, then any full hours not completed will be credited towards the next day.
Should you have to cancel your booking: We will refund part of your payment, if your space can be filled. A 25% administration fee will apply.
If LVX-Evolution, needs to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances you will receive a full refund.
Our instructors have the right to end sessions if seen as unsafe based either on conditions or your physical condition, safety first!

LVX Baja Mexico Adventures La Ventana

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LVX Kiteboarding School
Bahia de La Ventana - Baja Mexico

To Book your Session simply fill out this form and - Submit
Once we recieve your form we will get back to you with our availability and payment options.

Payment required to reserve your Session = 25% down with full payment on arrival, prior to sessions.

Payment can be made in Cash or online by PayPal, VISA and MC.
We accept MXN Pesos and USD. The MXN Peso amount is is determined at the current exchange rate for USD.
An 11% IVA tax is applicable to all payments.

Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with our Booking Policies  

Select Your Session: *

LVX Kite Sessions Include:
All Necessary Kiteboarding Equipment, Radio Assisted Instruction and ATV support.
Wet Suits - We recommend you have your own, but do supply them if needed.
(If you'd like to purchase a wet suite here we have great options available that are designed specifically for kiteboarding)

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