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kite boarding bajaLa Ventana Xperience Kiteboarding ~ LVX Kite School
~ Entry Level to Advanced Kiteboarding Instruction ~

Welcome to the LVX kiteboarding school in La Ventana Baja Mexico! Come join us for your kiteboarding mission and enjoy our, relaxed pace and personal attention with constructive feed back, plus step by step teaching techniques, that guarantee success.

Our kite school base is located in La Ventana at the La Ventana Beach Resort a prime kite boarding location, with a perfect long and safe sandy shoreline, close to the end of La Ventana bay.

More then just a Kite Boarding School - Stop in, come meet us and see our awesome location, where you can enjoy an exclusive beach front setting, change room, shower and washroom faclity, and have a beverage of choice after your session, right on location.

Our lesson programs include all equipment, radio, ATV and Jet Ski assisted on request.

Kiteboarding Instruction and Accommodation, Baja Mexico

LVX baja mexico aqua sports, adventures, and la ventana real estate

For Us here at LVX - Kiteboarding is a way of life,
and we look forward to making it part of yours.

LVX Baja, Mexico, La Ventana, Kiteboarding School and Resort, La Ventana Beach Resort, Real Estate

"Ozzy" Ozzy ranks as one of the most experienced instructors in the Bay of La Ventana. He was one of the first, if not the first local Mexican to take on kiteboarding here. His teaching experience started back in 2004 and since then has never stopped. He is still competing in kiteboarding competitions and takes every opprotunity to get out and on the water.

LVX Baja, Mexico, La Ventana, Kiteboarding School and Resort, La Ventana Beach Resort, Real Estate

"Luis" Luis is also a local resident of Bahia de La Ventana. He is a very accomplished rider to say the least. Recently he has come in at number one and in the top 3, at various kiteboarding competitions in free style and big air, and is competing on a international level. Luis joined us in 2015 and has been trained based on our experience and the IKO lesson platform.

LVX Baja, Mexico, La Ventana, Kiteboarding School and Resort, La Ventana Beach Resort, Real Estate

"Dalaney" Dalaney started kiteboarding here at an early age and his freestyle riding skills are comparable to the top riders found here in La Ventana. He started teaching with us in 2014 and has also gone through our intructors program and has taught for other schools based out of San Franscisco.

LVX Baja, Mexico, La Ventana, Kiteboarding School and Resort, La Ventana Beach Resort, Real Estate

"Jeff" Jeff manages the school and is a kiteboarding instructor certified by the International Kiteboarding Orginisation. He has a strong background in delivering skill sets based on his past experiences which include beeing a certified Tennis Instructor, Ski Instructor and Mountain Ski Guide in Europe and Canada. He de rigged his windsurfing equipment in 2012 and took on kiteboarding, living full time for the last 5 years on Bay of La Ventana he gets out on every occasion.

LVX baja mexico aqua sports, adventures, and la ventana real estate

Your Lesson Plan is based on
Detail to Customer Service
Safety & Succes.

Our Lesson program has been developed by combining years of experience and the IKO teaching methodology, and is fun and easy to follow!

Our step by step methodical teaching approach escalates into a productive and pleasant learning experince. We deliver all nescessary safety, kite control and riding skills that all add up to make you a confident independant kiteboarder.

When it comes to experienced riders, we can take your existing skill set to the next level, wether its refining transitions, air time or unhooked, our team has the expertise to enhance your kiteboarding experience.

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LVX baja mexico aqua sports, adventures, and la ventana real estate

Add a New Dimension to Your Life >> Start Kiteboarding with LVX

If you are not familiar with kiteboarding - Kiteboarding is a mix of wakeboarding, surfing, and paragliding all fused together. Kiteboarding, kitesurfing, is one of the fastest growing adventure sports.

Kiteboarding - a dangerous sport? 10 years ago definitely, when there was only 2 lines and no safety release or depower systems and you were just attached to the wing, and away you went... The equipment and the safety features have developed at present to a point where 7 year old's are taking on the sport. Accidents can still and do happen as with anything, but if one learns and follows the simple general safety protocols it is probably one of the safest so called xtreme sports.

Proper instruction will put you on the right safe track from day 1. If you're the independent type and do want to learn from a friend, do your homework before you find yourself getting dragged across the beach! There is lots of good info available online etc. As with taking on most sports, there is no replacement for an experienced Instructor, who will get you on the right track to develop good, baseline techniques.

Learning to kiteboard and riding takes on average - 9 to 12 hours, if you are used to the ocean environment and have, wakeboarding, water skiing or windsurfing experience, learning to kiteboard in as little as 6 hours is possible. One does not need to be a super athlete and kiteboarding can also be started past ones golden age. Kiteboarding equipment is compact, lends itself to travel, and there are many awesome kiteboarding destinations to explore.
~ And KiteBoarding, KiteSurfing, Kiting simply is... a BLAST!

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